The Gender Dimension of the Transport Workforce

Women remain underrepresented in most transport-related industries, with only 17% female employees on average across a sample of 46 countries. Both attracting and retaining them remains a challenge for governments and the private sector. This study provides an in-depth analysis of the correlation between female participation in the transport workforce and variables such as GDP per capita, education and labour laws. It also provides recommendations on how to develop policies and measures that will enable gender equality in the transport workforce. In 2018, females represented less than 20% of the global transport workforce. Within the European Union (EU), in the same year, the average female participation rate in the transport-related workforce was 22%, while the EU average female participation rate for the total workforce was 46% (EC 2018). Despite this gap, the EU has one of the highest rates of female employees in the transport workforce compared to other parts of the world.