Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding mining by M/s Jindal Saw Ltd., Bhilwada, Rajasthan, 12/10/2020

  • 12/10/2020

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Balkrishan Vyas Vs State of Rajasthan dated 12/10/2020.

The issue for consideration is the remedial action against illegal blasting and mining by M/s Jindal Saw Ltd., Bhilwada, Rajasthan.

The report by the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) August 19, 2019 acknowledged vibrations in the buildings in the vicinity of the mining activity. The adverse impact was on structural as well as nonstructural aspects. It was recommended that ‘tell tales’ (equipment to monitor cracks) be installed across the cracks. Mining area be pre-split from the village. It was stated that a team of Experts has been deputed. Accordingly, the NGT October 10, 2019 directed the District Magistrate, Bhilwada to furnish a further report in the matter.

A report October 1, 2020 by the state PCB stated that the interim study reports of CSIR – CIMFR, Bilaspur (CG), CSIR-CBRI,Roorkee (UK) and Department of Hydrology, IIT, Roorkee (UK) has been received from district collector, Bhilwada. At present, the team of CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee (UK) has started the remaining study of geotechnical investigations and monitoring of cracks in houses of village Pur from September 28, 2020, which would be completed shortly.

The report requested that the interim study reports may kindly be taken on record and said that delay in submission of final reports along with mitigation measures for the existing problems in Pur village be acknowledged due to present pandemic situation.

The interim reports are in respect of ‘blast induced vibrations and air overpressure and investigation on its damage potential vis-a-viz housing structures’ and ‘hydro-geological study’. The first interim report finds the extent of damage potential on the housing structure based on field trials in the area. The report is based on the investigation carried out by the team. The details of blasting field trials, monitoring of the blasts induced ground vibration and status of the work done are mentioned.

The second study is based on the survey of the area within 2 km radius from centre of the Pur village, using a series of filed experiments. The Committee also developed lithofacies map of subsurface zone of the study area and aquifer characterization at different depths. Further, the Committee conducted chemical analysis of the water supply and the ground water samples and estimated ground water flow regime.

The investigations by the Committee are on-going. The data has been collected and compiled but conclusion is yet to be reached and some further work is to be conducted for which the Committee has sought time. Accordingly, the NGT granted time for submitting final report by January 31, 2021 and the matter would be listed again before the NGT February 12, 2021.