Joint Committee report on Jubilant Life Sciences, Pune, Maharashtra, 03/02/2021

  • 03/02/2021

Joint Committee report on the matter related to M/S Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, 03/02/2021. The matter related to pollution caused by Jubilant Life Science Ltd (JLS).

After intervention of the National Green Tribunal and work carried out as per detailed action plan, JLS has shown improvement in view of providing facilities for wastewater management. However, JLS need to provide more focus on proper operation and management of bio compost yard as increase in concentration of measured parameters in the groundwater samples of bio compost yard compared to earlier reports were observed.

The report said that JLS also needed to regularly operate and monitor the performance of all treatment systems. Further, against the Environmental Compensation of Rs. 6,26,70,000 directed by the NGT to be paid by JLS, only Rs. 20,00,000 has been paid to the MPCB. 

Note: The Joint Committee report was uploaded to the NGT site on February 18, 2021