Report by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board on pollution of river Periyar due to the industrial clusters of Greater Kochi, 22/02/2021

  • 22/02/2021

Report filed by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Senior Environmental Engineer, Environmental Surveillance Centre, Eloor, Ernakulam dated 22/02/2021. The report was the assessment of efficiency of the ETP/CETP and ZLD implementation in the industrial clusters of Greater Kochi along the banks of river Periyar.

The Committee report was on the plastic waste pollution assessment of Sree Sakthi Paper Mills. The Committee visited Sree Sakthi Paper Mills and came to know that the huge quantity of plastic waste dumped in its site had been removed and sent to M/s. KEIL, Ambalamugal for disposal. However during that inspection the committee observed that the area of Sree Sakthi Paper Mills, where once plastic waste was dumped is contaminated with disintegrated plastics.

The Committee report recommended that Sree Sakthi Paper Mills should be directed to contain microplastic contamination to river bodies and should frame an action plan to remove the plastic contaminated soil/segregate the plastic from soil - under the supervision of KSPCB and dispose of the same to authorized agencies. Further, a technical consultant agency should be approached for remediation of the plastic contaminated soil in a scheduled time frame.