Action taken report by the Municipal Corporation Gurugram on the treatment of legacy municipal solid waste at Bandhwari landfill, Haryana, 08/03/2021

  • 08/03/2021

Action cum progress report on behalf of the Municipal Corporation Gurugram in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order September 30, 2020 in the matter of Vivek Kamboj & Others Vs Union of India & Others. The report talked about the updated action taken for treating legacy municipal solid waste at Bandhwari.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in its report January 14, 2021 based on observation made during inspection at Bandhwari has stated total 1,17,214 Ton waste has been bio-remediated till December 31, 2020. In furtherance of the CPCB report it was submitted that 64,758 MT had been bioremediated. In addition around 50000 MT bio-remediated waste was ready for bio-mining.

After bio-mining around 128190 MT had been obtained as segregated fractions of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), compost and inert since action plan was submitted in February 2020 and 55203 MT segregated fractions have been obtained in last 2 months. Fresh MSW of around 1800 MT per day was being transported at Bandhwari site from both Gurugram and Faridabad which was being stabilized daily by using bio-culture.