DRE for powering health infrastructure in Bihar

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the important role that a strong healthcare system plays in maintaining the welfare of people as well as ensuring the smooth functioning of the economy. However, it has also exposed the gaps in the healthcare infrastructure which must be addressed in order to ensure safe and effective healthcare services in the future. The health sector of Bihar has been under duress owing to a shortage of human resources, low public spending and intermittent electricity supply which impacts the delivery of services. Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) enabled solutions can play a huge role in resolving the energy crisis faced by the health sector in Bihar. This study shows that DRE can create 13,173 new job opportunities, and has an investment potential of Rs 2470 Crores in the state's health sector. The sector also has the potential to add an installed capacity of 266 MW. DRE-based solutions can help the state avoid 11,20,414 tons of CO2 emissions along with several environmental co-benefits. This report attempts to provide a snapshot of the current status of the health care and delivery system, analyses the prevailing lacunae at the public health infrastructure level and further explores the needs and possible ways of energising the health institutions through the usage of DRE in Bihar.

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