Ground Water Year Book of Jharkhand 2019-2020

To understand the groundwater situations in diverse hydrogeological environments, changes in various facets of ground water, like variation in water level and water quality are to be monitored. A regular monitoring of ground water regime through a network of observation wells i.e. Ground water Monitoring Well (GWMW) is being carried out by Central Ground Water Board, MER Patna for the state of Jharkhand. Initially the task was taken up with the help of a few GWMW but gradually the numbers of stations were increased, which is now totals 474 GWMW (as on March 2020) which represents all 24 districts and almost all blocks of the state. This is an attempt to make a presentation in the form of a report for Jharkhand State where the scenarios of water levels for the year 2019-2020 has been produced. The comparisons with decadal mean, seasonal & annual fluctuations, chemical quality of ground water, different maps along with data have been incorporated.