Order of the Uttarakhand High Court regarding the state of prisoners in jails amid COVID-19, Uttarakhand, 03/05/2021

  • 03/05/2021

Order of the Uttarakhand High Court dated 03/05/2021 regarding COVID-19 situation in Uttarakhand.

The High Court directed the Chief Standing Counsel for Uttarakhand to submit a report on the:

  • number of jails,
  • the population of each jail comprising both under-trial prisoners and convicted prisoners,
  • the number of prisoners who have come down with COVID-19,
  • the availability of the medical facilities for dealing with the situation,
  • the number of staff  who are affected by COVID-19,
  • the facilities available for quarantining the affected persons and the
  • medical facilities available within the jail premises.

The case was listed for May 6, 2021.