Report submitted to the NGT by Pallavapuram Municipality, Chennai, Tamil Nadu regarding sewage dumped into Putheri lake, 07/06/2021

  • 07/06/2021

Report submitted to the National Green Tribunal by Pallavapuram Municipality, Chennai, Tamil Nadu on the matter of sewage dumped into Putheri lake in Pallavapuram.

The report said that the pumping/lifting station has been upgraded and the provision of a generator would ensure that the lifting station would function even during the times of power failure. During the monsoon season from October 2020 till date, the overflow of the same lifting station has not happened and the under ground sewerage schemes (UGSS) is now functioning without any overflow or leakages.

The entire lake has been completely cleared of the dumped garbage and kept clean.

The work of deepening the lake in order to restore its capacity was carried out by the municipality and completed in the month of June 2020 - the work involved desilting, deepening, formation of bund and footpath around its periphery. With regard to the northern part - the same has been deepened with the assistance of an NGO, Pasumai Sei and the lake has been restored to its full capacity.

At the last inspection made by the Pallavapuram municipality - the lake had clean water and was noticed to support aquatic birds.

These were some of the points mentioned in the report by the Pallavapuram municipality.