Joint Committee report on the operation of a Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, 28/07/2021

  • 28/07/2021

Joint Committee inspection report of M/s Indowater Management & Pollution Control Corporation, Satna, Madhya Pradesh in the matter of O.A. No. 10/2021 (Nitin Singh Solanki Vs State of Madhya Pradesh & Others).

The report was in compliance with the NGT order, May 19, 2021. An application filed before the NGT said that M/s Indowater Management & Pollution Control Corporation in Satna functioning as Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) was responsible for violating environmental norms.

The committee report stated that more than 90 days old hazardous waste was found stored at the premises and it weighed over 10 tonnes - both a violation of HWMR, 2016. The incinerator retention time was recorded at 1 second during the inspection of May 28, 2021 - which is supposed to be at 2 seconds as per CPCB guidelines.

The CBWTF has three DG sets, out of which the 15 KVA DG set was found installed without a canopy and the capacity of the installed DG sets was not capable of taking care of the electrical load of autoclave operation, the report of July 28, 2021 said.