Global adaptation progress tracker (GAP-Track): pilot study report 2021

Climate change impacts are occurring and expected to increase under all global emission reduction scenarios, even under a 1.5°C warming. Accordingly, countries recognize the need for preparing, anticipating and reducing vulnerability to those impacts in their adaptation plans. However, the question emerges on how to navigate adaptation trajectories, and on the potential knowledge gaps? The Global Stocktake in 2023 will aim to bring substance to the Global Goal on Adaptation (Article 7 of the Paris Agreement 2015) by preparing a first estimation of adaptation progress and potential gaps and needs at a global level. The discussions underway, and at the heart of COP26 negotiations, is what modalities will be agreed upon to assess global adaptation progress given several technical and policy challenges. The Global Adaptation Progress–Tracker (GAP-Track) developed by IDDRI aims to inform and support those discussions by presenting a new approach to tracking adaptation that could provide complimentary information on adaptation progress at a global scale, and therefore support existing approaches.

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