Oversight Committee report on discharge of untreated sewage from Vrindavan and Kosi towns in river Yamuna and Kosi drain, Sunrakh, Uttar Pradesh, 15/12/2021

  • 15/12/2021

Report of the Oversight Committee in compliance of the National Green Tribunal order passed in O.A. No. 102/2021 in the matter of Acharya Damodar Shastri & Others Vs Union of India & Others.

The matter related to failure of the authorities in preventing discharge of untreated sewage and waste water/effluents from Vrindavan and Kosi towns in river Yamuna and Kosi drain near Sunrakh, Uttar Pradesh.

It was informed by the applicant (Acharya Damodar Shastri)that there are two STPs at Pagal Baba (4 MLD) and 100-bed hospital (8 MLD) which are inadequate to deal with the nearly 20 MLD of wastewater generated from the Vrindavan town alone (excluding the Kosi drain).

The committee in its report to the NGT said that the water quality report of river Yamuna, Mathura Vrindavan showed that water quality has further decreased in the Yamuna river. It was observed that even after bio-remediation process the pollution load is still beyond the permissible levels of pollution load.

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