Action taken report on 30 MLD STP plant, village Gajadharpura, Kalwar, Jaipur, 05/01/2022

  • 05/01/2022

Factual and action taken report in compliance of the National Green Tribunal order, October 29, 2021 in Original Application 80/2021 (Satyendra Kumar Singh Vs State of Rajasthan & Others).

Representatives of Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) and M/s Ansu Engineering visited the Activated Sludge Process based 30 MLD STP plant of Jaipur Development Authority established at village Gajadharpura, Kalwar, Jaipur and collected the samples from inlet, outlet, final discharge point and water flowing in river Bandi (the final discharge point of treated sewage).

To ascertain the effect on the ground water due to the discharge of untreated sewage, the trend of the water quality obtained at identified monitoring station near river Bandi under National Water Quality Monitoring Program (NWMP) was considered.

The log books of inlet flow, quality of raw sewage and treated sewage, pump operation and electricity consumption were recorded and it is seen that electricity consumption during November 27, 2021 to December 7, 2021 varied from 1488KWH to 1790KWH - this reveals that few unit operations were not being operated during this period that may have resulted in poor treatment performance. The methane bio-gas holder was found un-lifted, that reveals that no gas has been produced since long, in this regard unit needs to trace for any leakages in bio-gas holder pipeline, the report recommended.