Note by applicant against the EC given to Bharath Petroleum Corporation, Kochi, 29/01/2022

  • 29/01/2022

Argument note by applicant in Original Application No 265 of 2017 (Southern Zone) in the matter of N. G. Soman Nenjammalil Vs Bharath Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Kochi & Others.

The applicant (N. G. Soman) said that Bharath Petroleum Corporation, Kochi commissioned the plant without complying with the EC conditions. There is no proper green belt maintained. The applicant filed the Original Application due to series of gas leakage accidents occurring in the Ambalamugal area of Kochi. The applicant is aggrieved by the commission and operation of PDPP project of BPCL situated in 132.4 acres of land. The applicant apprehension is that the sulfur recovery unit, oil distillation unit and hydrogen plants are situated in very close proximity to the applicant residential building and kitchen area.