Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding illegal sand mining, bank of Dakhner river, Gaya-Rafiganj Road, Bihar, 11/02/2022

  • 11/02/2022

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Rohit Kumar Vs State of Bihar dated 11/02/2022.

Grievance in the application is against illegal sand mining on the bank of Dakhner river near Paraiya (Gaya), Gaya-Rafiganj Road, Bihar, adversely affecting the environment. The applicant has filed photographs and mentioned coordinates of the location of illegal mining.

The Bihar State Pollution Control Board on behalf of the Joint Committee after undertaking a visit to the site, December 5, 2021 informed the Tribunal that no sand mining was being done at the said location. One tractor loaded with sand mined illegally was found near the village Manjhar and near Sun Temple, Sadhuchak, a small sand heap was found which appeared to have been mined earlier. On interaction with local people, it was found that tractors carrying sand is not passing through Udabhigha Road Bridge from last 5-6 months. In light of observations, of the committee under reference it is humbly submitted that no illegal sand mining is taking place in Gaya District on the bank of Dakhner river near Paraiya at present. However, earlier (4-5 months) illegal sand mining was carried out.

In view of the Joint Committee report, the NGT reiterated its direction, February 26, 2021 in Original Application No. 360/2015 (National Green Tribunal Bar Association Vs Virender Singh) disposed of the application and directed the concerned authorities to continuously monitor compliance of Sustainable Sand Mining Guidelines, 2016 "read with EMGSM-2020, reinforced by mechanism for preparation of DSRs, Environment Management Plans, replenishment studies, mine closure plans, grant of EC, assessment and recovery of compensation, seizure and release of vehicles involved in illegal mining, other safeguards against violations, grievance redressal, accountability of the designated officers and periodical review at higher levels in the manner already directed." the NGT order said.