Written submission by Pune Municipal Corporation regarding waste management, 21/02/2022

  • 21/02/2022

Written submissions on behalf of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on the recommendations made by the Joint Committee in relation to PMC.

Joint committee has confirmed the fact that PMC is processing almost 100 per cent waste generated within the municipal limits. Recently the limits of Pune Municipal Corporation has been expanded to include 23 new villages vide Government of Maharashtra GR, June 30, 2021 which has added around 150 MT of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day. Presently the total generation of MSW in Pune city with newly added 23 villages is around 2100-2200 MT per day which is processed in the existing MSW processing plants, home composting and bulk waste generators.

The joint committee in its report, November 29, 2021 had recommended that the practice of bridging the current processing gap of Rs. 300 MT by sending the wet waste to farmers must be stopped. With respect to this recommendation, four plants with high density stalk (HDS) technology having a capacity of 50 MT per day each shall be set up. All of these plants would be operational within the next four months (July 2022). Thereafter, no wet waste shall be distributed to the farmers and all the wet waste shall be processed in the processing plants.

The joint committee also recommended that PMC shall establish waste deposition centers for processing domestic hazardous waste within a time bound manner. PMC was asked to expedite the process of  bio-mining/bioremediation. The Pune Municipal Corporation is also setting up a 2500 MT per year (6-7 per day) sanitary waste processing plant at Ramtekdi in coordination with M/s Procter & Gamble.