Climate change and environment action plan of Pune district

This Climate Change and Environment Action Plan studies the past, present and the future of the district of Pune from both the climate and policy perspective to know where the district stands in terms of meeting India’s climate commitments. Based on the findings, it evolves concrete recommendations and the way forward for the district collector and other in-line departments. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which began with a strict national lockdown, made it abundantly evident that anthropogenic activities have a far-reaching impact on the environment. On the flip side though, climate action has received a setback. A number of mitigation and adaptation-centric sectors have experienced unforeseen shifts. For instance, an overburdened health infrastructure has not been able to accommodate climate-related health issues. Considerable job losses have further diminished the adaptive capacities of the poor and vulnerable. Moreover, there has been a substantial spike in waste sector emissions with the rise in disposals of single use plastic and covid-related waste incineration. This action plan, therefore, takes a holistic view of the current policies and recommends steps that need to be taken in the short-, medium- and long-term to bring about the necessary changes that are in compliance with India’s overall climate goals and commitments.

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