Report filed by SND School, Palwal on the destruction of a water body due to dumping of waste, 31/10/2022

  • 31/10/2022

The report filed by the Urban Local Bodies Department, Haryana has not said anything with respect to the removal of waste from the water body (johar) existing near the dumping site, which is in close proximity to the SND Public School, Palwal, Haryana.

On khasra no. 27, there is a pond in existence and the pond has been a source of drinking water not only for the residents but also for animals and irrigation purposes, according to the report filed by the SND School to the NGT.

The sanitary landfill, village Meghpur, Palwal is on the catchment area of the said pond and is at the edge of the pond. Municipal Council, Palwal was dumping the waste into the said pond itself, and the pond has been filled up with solid waste which was never removed. Presently, the said water body has been barricaded.

The water body and the groundwater in the area has been completely contaminated due to the leachate from the unscientific dumping of solid waste said the October 31 report.

The committee has not given any finding on the important issue raised by the appellant regarding the degradation of the pond (johar). The water body has been covered with the cemented boundary of blocks from all sides. It has been filled with garbage and then covered with soil. The unscientific disposal of solid waste in the water body has not been accounted for.