Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board report on plastic waste management, 02/11/2022

  • 02/11/2022

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) in its report to the NGT, November 2, 2022 said that there are no non-recyclable multi-layered plastic sachets or pouches or packaging producers existing in Andhra Pradesh. If any producer is found operating without registration from APPCB, appropriate action will be taken against the units as per the provisions of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Multi-layered packaging means any material used or to be used for packaging and having at least one layer of plastic was the main ingredient in combination with one or more layers of material such as paper, paper board, polymeric materials, metalized layers and aluminium foil.

Instructions were issued to the urban local bodies to send non recyclable plastic waste to the nearby cement plants. Around 19 ULBs have tied up with nearby cement plants and 920 MT of non recyclable plastic waste is used for construction of roads. Instructions were also issued to 41 ULBs who are within 100 km radius to the waste to energy plants to send combustible dry waste to the waste to energy plants.