Joint committee report regarding construction of road on the bank of Mula river, Pune, Maharashtra, 25/11/2022

  • 25/11/2022

Report of the Joint Committee in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order dated 07/07/2022 in the matter of OA No. 57/2022 (WZ), Mahesh Kashinath Ranawade Vs The State of Maharashtra & Others. According to the applicant, Mahesh Kashinath Ranawade the alleged illegal construction of road on the bank of Mula river is said to be adversely affecting the agricultural fields of the applicant situated at Mouje Nande, taluka Mulshi, district Pune.

Further, it is alleged that the constructions being raised are in the blue line of Mula river, where no construction is legally permissible.

The NGT, July 7, 2022 directed a joint committee to report on the matter.

The height of the approach road towards the proposed residential project was increased by backfilling. This is affecting the flow of surface run-off from agricultural lands into the riverine system during the rainy season and resulting in pondage of water in agricultural lands, the committee found during inspection.

The committee recommended that cross drainage structure should be constructed by the project proponent under the supervision of the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) at appropriate locations at low lying areas at nalah portion for collection and drainage of surface run-off into riverine system. Further, the gabion walls constructed with natural aggregates for percolation and to surpass flood water into the riverine system are located within the blue line of Mula river.

Septic tank constructed by the Mouje Nande Gram Panchayat is located between the river bank and blue flood line of Mula river, which is a prohibited zone. The committee recommended the demolition of the septic tank illegally raised by the Mouje Nande Gram Panchayat in the area.