Report by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board regarding violation of Air Act 1981 by NCL, Bina Project, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, 25/04/2023

  • 25/04/2023

Submission of action taken report by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board pursuant to the National Green Tribunal order dated November 16, 2022 in Original Application No. 817/2022 in the matter of Sandal Parveen Vs Union of India & Others.

As per the report sent by Regional Officer, UPPCB, Sonbhadra vide letter dated March 25, 2023, at present 1,29,236.85 MT coal is still present at the site. Google satellite image shows that the dumping of coal in Krishnasila railway siding was not observed during 2017, two small patches was noticed in 2018 onwards, which was continuously increasing up to 2020. Google satellite images showed that the significant coal stockpile was observed in December 2022 in the area which comes under the jurisdiction of M/s Northern Coalfield, Bina project, Bina, Sonbhadra.

Due to spontaneous combustion of coal, ambient air quality of the area is being affected. UPPCB conducted ambient air quality monitoring in area in question. Analysis report depicted that the values of PM10 is 460 µg/m3. This is approximately 5 times more than the permissible limit of 100 µg/m3. M/s NCL, Bina Project, Bina, Sonbhadra is not complying with the provisions of Air Act 1981. The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has imposed environmental compensation of Rs. 4,43,40000.