Notes of argument submitted by Lalitkumar N. Chaudhari regarding dumping of MSW in Dhadi river, Jalgaon district, Maharashtra, 26/04/2023

  • 26/04/2023

Before the Swachha Sarvekshyan Abhiyan-2018 monitoring committee visit - in December 31, 2017, the then chief officer Municipal Council, Faizpur, Jalgaon district "shifted all MSW to main steam of Dhadi river in deep scour depth of flood flow and covered up with the soil borrowed from other location".

The dumped MSW in river bed was covered by barrowing soil. During this three and half rainy season floods the most of the municipal solid waste has been drained down. MSW buried part below scour depth still exists and is polluting the groundwater.

This was stated in the report filed by Lalitkumar N Chaudhari, April 26, 2023 before the NGT.

Dhadi river, a sub river to Tapi is a source of drinking water for various cities along Bhusawal to Surat, the complainant said and under any condition/situation the dumping of MSW in river basin and below river bed is not justified.

Note: The report was uploaded to the NGT site, May 3, 2023.