Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding unscientific management of tourist activities at Kufri, Shimla district, Himachal Pradesh, 25/05/2023

  • 25/05/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Shailendra Kumar Yadav Vs State of Himachal Pradesh dated 25/05/2023.

The matter related to disturbance caused at Kufri due to unscientific management of tourist activities including employment of horses to a large number in a small area which was affecting natural vegetation, local ecology and damaging the environment at large scale.

The NGT vide order, March 13, 2023 directed a report to be filed by a joint committee, within two months. Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board vide letter dated March 23, 2023 has submitted a joint committee's report.

The committee found several violations causing damage to the environment which includes degradation of natural vegetation. It has observed that more than a thousand of horses and ponies are employed in the small area which is much beyond the carrying capacity of the area. Besides, solid waste management is also not scientific and it is also causing huge pollution in the area.

The applicant, Shailendra Kumar Yadav has stated that the report in substance supports his stand and therefore he does not propose to file any objection or comments to the report. He has requested for acceptance and implementation of the report in substance.

The court directed a copy of the report to be furnished to all the respondents and they have to submit their response within one month. The matter was listed for July 12, 2023.