Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding a drain from Haryana affecting water treatment plants in Delhi, 02/08/2023

  • 02/08/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Dr Lokesh Kumar Vs State of Haryana dated 02/08/2023.

The applicant has asked for orders to be  passed for dredging drain no 6 from Sonipat via Barota to Piau Maniyari/Kundli (Haryana) to Delhi. The applicant has submitted that drain No. 6 and 8 flow parallel in Sonipat/Kundli. Drain No. 6, which is maintained by the Irrigation and Flood Control Department of Haryana is filled with trash, garbage, silt, litter and sludge. Drain No. 6 is not cleaned and dredged regularly. Being poorly maintained the drain is in a very critical condition. Water flowing in drain No. 8 is comparatively clean which merges into Yamuna river. Drain No. 6 overflows and leaches to drain No. 8 and pollutes the same. Due to intrusion of highly polluted waste water from drain No. 6 water treatment plants in Delhi have to be closed.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT), August 2 has sought response from Haryana through the Chief Secretary; Engineer in Chief, Irrigation and Flood Control Department, Haryana; Haryana State Pollution Control Board; the District Magistrate, Sonipat and Delhi Jal Board through Chief Executive Officer.

In addition, the tribunal ordered a joint committee to be constituted to undertake visits to the site and look into the grievances, verify the factual position and take appropriate remedial action. A factual and action taken report has to be submitted within one month.