Report of the Joint Committee regarding pollution caused due to transportation of coal and fly ash in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh , 19/12/2023

  • 19/12/2023

Report of the Joint Committee in compliance of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order dated October 11, 2023 in Original Application 862 0f 2022 Pankaj Kumar Mishra Vs Union of India with respect to Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh).

The applicant said that due to heavy transportation of coal ash in Singrauli and Sonbhadra, the roads are damaged and pollution is being caused. He has further submitted that the fly ash is being transported in the open trucks violating the norms and that the entire activity of transportation and storage of the fly ash is done within the area of 30 kms in Singrauli and Sonbhadra falling in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh which is creating health hazard in violation of CPCB guidelines March 2019, for disposal/utilization of fly ash for reclamation of low lying areas and in stowing of abandoned mines/quarries.

In Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh) the trucks that carry legacy coal and fly ash are causing dust pollution. The same roads are being used by the public. Dry ash is being transported in bulkers whereas the wet ash is being transported in trucks with full cover on the truck. Transportation of wet ash through tractors is also in practice. However, as stipulated in the CPCB guideline, 2013 currently no such mechanically designed covered trucks are in use to transport the ash from the ash dyke, according to the Joint Committee report.