Reply by Thane Municipal Corporation regarding waste dumped at the site at Bhandarli, 02/01/2024

  • 02/01/2024

Reply by Thane Municipal Corporation in response to a news item appearing in Mid-Day dated October 15, 2023 titled "How residents of Maharashtra's Chauda Gaav are battling the ills of a temporary dumping ground".

The dumping ground situated at Diva had already reached its peak capacity. The corporation was dumping waste and processing the same on a private land situated at Bhandarli.

According to the municipal corporation the waste dumped at the site at Bhandarli was segregated with the help of a trolling machine. The wet waste was converted into organic compost and the remaining was processed scientifically. The site at Bhandarli has been shut down with effect from October 25, 2023. The post closure plan for Bhandarli will be submitted to the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

A leachate well has also been constructed at Bhandarli. The leachate is collected regularly and treated at the nearest STP situated in Mumbra. The new designated site at Daighar has commenced the operations for which the corporation has received authorization and the Consent to Operate from the MPCB.

When it comes to the legacy waste for the entire city of Thane, the Corporation vide its letter resolution dated May 2, 2023 has shortlisted M/s MaRs Planning and Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. The consultant had submitted the Detail Project Report (DPR) for clearing of the legacy waste. The DPR was accepted by the Municipal Commissioner, TMC on December 1, 2023.

The legacy waste of Bhandarli site is around 1 lakh MT. After the issue of work order, total legacy waste will be cleared in 3 months. The dumping site at Bhandarli has been closed down and the disposal of the legacy waste is being done in accordance with the timeline.