Affidavit by Pune Municipal Corporation on planned construction of three new reservoirs at Fergusson College Hill, 16/02/2024

  • 16/02/2024

Affidavit by Pune Municipal Corporation in OA No.32/2024 (WZ) (Anuj Abhay Deshpande V/s Pune Municipal Corporation & Ors.) dated 16/02/2024.

The matter related to construction of new water reservoirs by Pune Municipal Corporation at Fergusson College Hill. Three new water tanks have been proposed at Bhamburda (Shivajinagar) Gut No 262 Fergusson College Hill. New concrete reservoirs have been planned to cater to the water demand. These newly proposed reservoirs will cater to the water demand of three water zones - Modern college zone, BMCC Zone and Fergusson college zone.

The water demand is based on the various land uses as per the provisions made in the City Development Plan such as commercial use, education use, hospital use, residential use, slums, non-revenue water, losses and other factors. The estimated amount of water tank construction was Rs 235.95 crores out of which 50 per cent subsidy (117.97 crores) has been sanctioned by the state government for the work of the said tanks under the Amrut scheme. "Engineering analysis has been carried out for satisfying the water demand of population from 2022 to 2047 and accordingly the highest location is selected to distribute water by gravity. There is no other alternative piece of land suitable to construct these water reservoirs in order to cater water in the water zones in the vicinity of the hill.

"The high altitude topographical position will help water distribution under gravity", the report said. Pumping of around 18.5 million litres of water per day over 8.5 sq km area, instead of building water tanks on hills will have a larger impact on the environment due to huge  power consumption.

"Considering the increase in the population and water requirement up to the year 2047 in the city of Pune this project is very essential in the public interest and moreover all requisite permissions are obtained for the project and PMC shall be abiding by the conditions imposed by the MoEF&CC", PMC said.