Need to save Goa s lifelines

  • 29/06/2001

Need to save Goa s lifelines goa' s rivers criss-crossing the picturesque state lie neglected and almost forgotten today. And campaigners working to highlight the importance of the local riverine network say it's high time that these rivers are given a fresh lease of life. There are nine rivers in Goa namely Terekhol, Chapora, Baga, Mhadei, Zuari, Sal, Saleri, Talpona and Galjibaga. "Goa's water security depends on these lifelines. They are the state's economic veins,' says researcher Nandkumar Kamat of the Goa University.

People here have left these rivers uncared for long. However, the riverine network is getting back its lost importance, thanks to a controversy created by plans put forward by neighbouring Karnataka to build a series of dams

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