Checking the damage

  • 14/12/1996

MANTHAN se Pravah (strength from struggle) is a film on a number of largely women-based initiatives for revitalising drinking water resources in different parts of Gujarat. Remarkable in concept, the film covers contemporary initiatives for promoting local and traditional water-harvesting systems in different parts of Gujarat. These movements have been primarily inspired by women because in most Indian households, it is they who are responsible for garnering the family's domestic water supply and consequently, face the travails of its shortage.

The underlying message of the film is that the centralised and so-called modern pipe-water supply systems have failed in different parts of even relatively prosperous states like Gujarat. Failure of the government's approach is evident by the increase in the number of no-source villages in Gujarat from about 4,000 in the early '60s to over 14,000 in recent years.

The film comprises of eight different episodes covering different areas of the state. The first of these is about an interesting three-stage water tank in Khambhra village in Kutch district where

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