Can a non geologist head the GSI?

Why do you oppose Dimri's appointment as the GSI head?
The activities of the GSI are such that the predominant science is geology. Other sciences such as geophysics play a supportive role. And, Dimri is not even a geophysicist. His discipline -- Instrumentation -- is supportive only to geophysics. Can we allow anybody whose contribution to the activities of GSI is so indirect, to become its highest officer?

How will the lack of a geological background adversely affect Dimri's performance?
He will not be able to take decisions that need geological expertise, such as in mineral exploration or geological mapping. The director-general has also to act as the representative of the Indian government at several international geological conferences. A person with Dimri's background cannot fulfil that role.

Surely senior geologists will properly advice Dimri?
Even so, the wisdom, the experience, and the judgement will have to be that of the director-general.

But people from other disciplines can be good managers?
You do not tell a doctor to lead an army even though he may head the medical corps. So how can a non-geologist head the GSI.

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