MEF"s environment conditionalities

The dam's safety and design parameters must be cleared by the MEF. Environmental management plans must be formulated and clearance obtained from the MEF.

Catchment area treatment: THDC will identify critically degraded areas, and prepare an action plan by December 31, 1990; treatment has to be completed by December 31, 1995; and, the THDC will give the UP government all resources needed to implement the plans.

Rehabilitation: The THDC has to conduct a socio-economic survey by June 30, 1991, and implemented by the THDC.

Command area development: The UP government has to make plans for areas to be irrigated by March 31, 1991, and implemented by March 31,1995.

Flora and fauna: The THDC as to conduct a study and draw up reclamation plans by May 1991 and implemented before submergence.

Water quality maintenance: The THDC has to set up measures to preserve water quality. Disaster management: The THDC has to formulate a plan by March 31, 1991.

Bhagirathi Basin Management Authority: The Department of Power has to set this up by March 31, 1991 through legislation.

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