Health hazards of aerial spraying of endosulphan in Kasaragod district, Kerala: report of the expert committee

Environmental effects of aerial spraying of Endosulphan at the Cashew plantations of Kasaragod District is a burning issue during the past few years and now also in Kerala. Endosulphan aerial spraying was done in Kasaragod District by Plantation Corporation during the last 24 years. More and more health problems, were reported from the areas surrounding the plantations of Cheemeni, Periya, Rajapuram, Panathadi, Muliayar and Perla. Some school children of the area reported to have congenital anomalies, mental retardation and other Central Nervous System related problems. All these were alleged to be due to the aerial spraying of Endosulphan. This was projected by the media and it attracted the attention of the public and authorities from 1997 onwards.

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