Cholera has claimed more than 200 victims in Kenya. Health officials in Nairobi say that it has been almost two months since the first death was reported. The bacterial infection has now spread to



    A cholera epidemic is threatening the refugees fleeing from strife-torn eastern Zaire. The first cholera cases were confirmed last month in capital Goma. Around 36 patients with cholera-like


    A massive security cover has been thrown around the capital, Ulan Bator, in a bid to check the spread of cholera that has killed six people and infected 39 so far. Authorities isolated two major

  • Catching the real culprit

    Catching the real culprit

    The results of a recent research nullifies the evil reputation of the cholera bacterium, and convicts the virus called <font class='UCASE'>ctx </font> as responsible for the deadly disease



    Even as the mad cow mayhem in Europe has begun subsiding, another animal disease row is simmering in this country. Hog cholera is threatening Taiwan's US $43 billion pork industry as


    &#149; In a pathbreaking research, scientists from Kumaon University in Nainital, Uttar Pradesh, recently identified potential biological control agents for malaria in two parasitic fungi


    Seasonal outbreaks of meningitis at the beginning of each year is not quite unusual in West Africa. This year too, the disease -- which affects the brain and the spinal cord -- has already claimed

  • Aiding a disaster

    The advent of AIDS could sharply increase the incidence of tuberculosis and of kala azar

  • Death's agent

    Historical ills Malaria It has been hypothesised that the malarial parasite evolved either with humans or even earlier. Hippocrates wrote about it in the 5th century BC. In India, Ayurvedic

  • Rising trend

    Right from the "60s, DDT resistance of the malaria parasite host, Anopheles culicifacies, was detected in Gujarat. It was a rising trend. Another important vector, A stephensi, became so rugged that

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