• PIL challenges validity of forest Act

    New Delhi: In what could be a fresh headache for government, a petition challenging the constitutional validity of a pet UPA project, the Forest Rights Act aimed at giving land rights to traditional forest dwellers, has been filed by prominent wildlife groups in Supreme Court.

  • Forest officials arrest man for shooting tiger

    Forest officials in Satna districtof Madhya Pradesh have arrested one person in connection with the shooting of a tiger in Uchehara area. The arrested person identified - as Bihari Prasad Kol was produced in a court in Nagoud town on Wednesday which remanded him to judicial custody till March 3 for further probe, official sources said on Thursday. Forest officials are now hoping to catch the gang of poachers allegedly involved in the smuggling and killing of animals in the region.

  • Chidambaram takes care of tigers

    The declining tiger population in the country figured in the budget proposals for 2008-09 with the government announcing a special package for the conservation of the big cats. "The tiger is under grave threat,' Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said, while presenting the budget estimates in Parliament on Friday. Mr. Chidambaram said that in order to redouble the government's effort to protect the tiger, there was a special allocation of Rs.50 crore for the National Tiger Conservation Authority. The bulk of the grant would be used to raise a special armed Tiger Protection Force. In the last budget the Minister announced an expert committee to study the impact of climate change on India and identify the measures that would be taken in the future to deal with climate change. "Even while adhering to the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, we can and we must do a number of things in our self-interest,' he said, while advocating the need for promoting clean technology, reviewing fuel emission and efficiency regulations. He said India could replace wood with solar energy as the fuel of common use, and encourage the use of gas which is the most benign hydrocarbon.

  • Rs 50 cr to save tigers

    In a way, the Budget speech of the Union Finance Minister for 2008-2009 was unique. India's national animal tiger managed to find way in Chidambaram's speech when he recognised that the figure of 1411, the official number of tigers in the country, was alarming. "The number 1,411 should ring the alarm bells,' is how Chidambaram voiced his concern over the depleting number of tigers in the country as he announced a special grant to save the animal in the Budget 2008-09. Presenting a new ray of hope for the endangered specie, the finance minister proposed an allocation of Rs 50 crore to save the big cat by raising a tiger protection force. "1,411 is the number of tigers in India. The tiger is under grave threat,' the finance minister said, adding that the grant to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) would redouble efforts to protect the big cat. Bulk of the grant will be used to raise, arm and deploy a special tiger protection force and this is one effort that the majority of tiger conservationists in the country have welcomed.

  • How to kill a tiger (Editorial)

    A few weeks ago this newspaper was kind enough to publish an article I wrote on the sorry fate of the tiger. The article may have just worked.

  • Budget ignores important sectors

    The Budget 2008-09 looks a bit archaic when Finance Minster Mr Chidambaram chanted the social sector mantra leaving aside the reform mantra.

  • Spl attention to wild animals at Van Vihar

    Special attention is being given to feeding, safety and treatment of wild animals at Van Vihar National Park.

  • THE BATTLE FOR HABITAT - Both tigers and indigenous peoples need the forest

    A century ago, the feudal species made a fetish of tiger shooting.

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