Physical Science

  • Scientists to send fish on rocket ride

    Stockholm: Scientists plan to launch 60 tiny fish on a zero gravity rocket ride from above the Arctic Circle on Monday to try to plumb the secrets of motion sickness. Tomas Hedqvist, project manager for Sweden's Esrange Space Centre, said the baby cichlid fish will head 260 km into the air on an 11-metre two-stage rocket, where they will experience six minutes of weightlessness.

  • CU chosen for science network

    KOLKATA, Feb. 11: The department of Radiophysics and Electronics of Calcutta University will function as a networking centre of University Grant Commission (UGC) in Physical Science. The decision was taken at a meeting of the UGC held in New Delhi last week. UGC will provide Rs 5 crore in five years to set up the centre. The ministry of human resources development department (MHRD) had asked the UGC to set up 10 networking centres all over the country to carry out research work in physical science, chemical science, life science, material science and mathematical science.

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