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  • Talking point

    The Pahadi Mynah, Gracula religiosa peninsularis to ornithologists, among only 13 avian species that can imitate human speech, makes the forests of Bastar its home. It is also on the verge of

  • Demolition day

    The forest cover in Assam s less than 20 per cent of the total area. The Supreme Court decision to save whatever is left of the 20,270 sq. km forest cover in the state has soothed Assam's Forest

  • Ugly truths of beauty Aids

    Women who are big on beauty products are in for a shock. A recent study released by two US based organisations the Environmental Working Group Coming Clean and Health Care without Harm says many

  • Conservation takes root

    Come December and conservationists and environmentalists may well have 3,000 reasons to smile. By then, Bangalore scientists building a comprehensive database of 3,000 of the country's "economically

  • What's wrong with the weather?

    This year's wayward monsoon over India and freaky weather elsewhere portend devastating climate changes as a result of global warming. Global temperatures are like bank rates. A small change can make

  • Easing lives

    The earthquake in Gujarat brought with it ruin. With typical fortitude, most of the affected people went about rebuilding their lives, but there were many who were left rudderless. CARE TODAY came up

  • Skulduggery

    Aided by superstition, monkey tamers find a barbaric way of making money. In a country that revers its simians as avatars of monkey god Hanuman, the animal is being subjected to remorseless savagery

  • Failing the acid test

    A new study on antacids has added fuel to the fire on their effectiveness. Published in consumer magazine Insight, the study, which employed a glass stomach simulator, tested 35 brands of four

  • Wired to death

    Tigers in Melghat, Maharashtra's largest tiger reserve, are now up against a deadly enemy: live-wire traps. Poachers position 60-ft-long live wires a foot above the ground, a trap less messy but as

  • Breathing uneasy: TB continues to be a killer

    Every day, Tuberculosis claims 1,053 lives in India, while 5,000 people contract it. Last year, there were around 4,00,000 deaths, most of which could have been prevented had DOTS been in place.

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