India Today (New Delhi)

  • Now SMS can also be an SOS

    Some would say it is two years too late. A lecturer in Bhavnagar Engineering College has developed a disaster warning system that can send out an SMS message within seconds of a natural disaster. If

  • A medical breakthrough

    For centuries, the bacterium that causes tuberculosis has been man's public health enemy No 1. A fitfully reliable skin test developed in 1908 was all we had to hunt down the bug before it attacked.

  • Getting greener

    India is officially getting greener. A new,more accurate, hi-tech digital image processing technique used to interpret satellite data has revealed that almost one-fourth of the land in the country is

  • Common no more

    Pesticides, urbanisation, lead-free fuel, mobile phones, cats could all be drastically reducing the population of the sparrow. They have disappeared so quietly that no one has noticed them

  • Killer heat

    Sky-rocketing temperatures across the country have killed more than a thousand people. And a delayed monsoon means that number may

  • Kachariadih needs more than crutches

    Kachariadih in Bihar's Nawada district goes by the epithet of "the village surviving on bamboo sticks", about 90 per cent of the population, including 50 children, are crippled and cannot walk

  • Clean sweep

    Matheran, nearly 100 km from Mumbai gets a facelift after a unique cleanliness drive by its residents and is now a model for other decaying hill stations in the

  • Health is wealth

    A former banker finds the mother lode in medicinal plants. Among those who swear by the herb is Rajaram Tripathi, 40, a former banker. The plant's utility for him, however is not its restorative

  • Helix secret

    The discovery of the gene responsible for pancreatic damage may lead to early diagnosis and cure. Identified as SPINK 1, the vicious nibbler had chewed up many a pancreas and had turned into a killer

  • Green bucks

    Indian companies earn money even as they help industrialised nations meet their anti-pollution targets. India Inc. could earn up to Rs 470 crore as year as the world tries to curb the use of

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