A procession of voices

Our syllabi (for training forest officials) still have manuals written during the Raj
S K Mukherjee
Acting director, Wildlife Institute, Dehradun

Why do you still train foresters in horseriding and shooting, 5 decades after the British have left? Surely, that's teaching them to charge against us.
Nanakram Gujjar, a villager from the outskirts of Sariska, to P Zuthshi
principal, State Forest Service College, Dehradun

We are mere naukars (servants) of the Forest Department. We have to obey our orders. I can only give tacit support to people's movements
P Zuthshi
Princepal, State Forest Service Collage, Dehradun

Tigers, leopards, and the likes have lost the race for survival. Why should we spend scarce resources to conserve them? You should ask for a higher price instead (of demanding the closure of mines) for the marble and take your shares
Bharat Jhunjhunwalla
leading intellectual of Rajasthan

By the same count, even adivasis have lost the race. Everything doesn't carry a price-tag. What will be the price of Jhunjhunwalla's parents?
An activist's retort to Jhunjhunwalla

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