Not much to declare

Realising that there was a need to go beyond the "business as usual" scenario, the Hague ministerial declaration on water security in the 21st century recognised the diversity of needs and situations from around the globe. To achieve water security, the seven challenges were listed. They are

l meeting basic needs

l protecting ecosystems

l securing food supply

l sharing water resources

l managing risks

l valuing water, and

l governing water wisely.

The ministerial delegation advocated that actions be based on integrated water resource management (IWRM) - with land and water planning that takes into account social, economic and environmental factors - as well as integrating surface water, groundwater and the ecosystems through which they flow. IWRM requires political commitment and collaboration at all levels.The ministers agreed to :dvance' the process of collaboration and to set targets, devise strategies and develop a set of indicators of progress.

The declaration called upon all agencies of the United Nations and international financial institutions to review their policies and programmes. The declaration also welcomed the follow-up actions by all parties concerned in an open and participatory manner.

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