Salt and water

Salt and water This book claims to be a must-read for civil engineers, oil scientists and those involved with agro-forestry and ecology. It offers an insight into bio-drainage as a technique to deal with ground waterlogging and salinity.

In a country like India, where agriculture is the primary occupation of the people, water is a vital resource. While scarcity of water is a problem, so is waterlogging. Every year, farmers lose precious cultivable land due to waterlogging and salinity. Experts have attempted to reclaim this land by experimenting with sub-surface drainage under the fields through perforated pipes. This has not quite succeeded and bio-drainage, a technique to reclaim land by removing excess water and salinity from the ground, has emerged as an environment-friendly option.

The book describes the prevailing conditions and status of irrigation across the globe. It presents the relevant aspects of ground water salinity, plant physiology, uptake of water and minerals by crops and trees. It also includes principles and management of bio-drainage systems, their planning and design and case studies.

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