The best and the worst

  • 14/09/2002

Pondicherry-based Chemfab Alkalis Ltd (cal) has been rated as the greenest caustic-chlorine company in India. With an overall score of 46.7 per cent, it has been given the Three Leaves Award.

Set up in 1985 by Krishnamurthy Rao, a technical expert, cal set the trend by going in for membrane cell electrolytic technology in India. Before cal, almost all Indian caustic-chlorine companies were based on the polluting mercury cell technology. Now about 70 per cent of India’s caustic soda production is based on the membrane cell technology. Apart from running a highly efficient caustic-chlorine plant, it has invested in r&d to improve the membrane cell technology further.

cal’s 100-tonne production capacity plant has been rated the greenest company for its proactive approach towards managing the pollution at its production plant. cal has set-up an efficient environment management system, which is being implemented by an environmentally sensitive top management. It is an iso 14001 company and was recently certified as iso 18001 company for occupational health and safety.

With an eco-efficiency of 94.7 per cent, cal is the most eco-efficient caustic-chlorine plant in the country. Its energy consumption is one of the least in the country and its water consumption

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