Turning up the heat: Climate Change and Poverty in Uganda

Turning up the heat: Climate Change and Poverty in Uganda Good policies that cannot be implemented will not solve the current problems of climate change whose impacts are expected to hit Africa the most, is affecting 42 billion people worldwide. But Uganda appears to be laying ground work to both mitigate and adapt to the phenomenon. The latest report by Oxfam entitled Turning up the heat: climate change and poverty in Uganda, examines the impacts of climate changes on agriculture, on pastoralism, on health and water and consequently, on poverty. This is the first of its report by Oxfam in Uganda. The report recommends that adaptation has to start with adaptation to the current climate. The people of Uganda are highly susceptible to present climatic variations and shocks. Building resilience to how the climate is currently changing is vital both in its own right and as a way to build resilience to whatever climatic changes the future has in store. The right strategies to adapt to climate change will also be the right strategies for truly sustainable development, and to reduce poverty, if properly implemented Based on interviews with farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk, district agricultural and environmental officers and government officials.

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