• 29/11/2000
  • WHO

A UN Forum on Forests has been established by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The forum has been set up to promote the management and conservation of all types of forests. It also aims for sustainable development. The forum will try to strengthen long-term political commitment of the international community towards achieving sustainable development. A resolution to this effect was adopted by the council on 18 October, 2000. The forum will develop a legal framework for managing all types of forests. It will examine the amount of finance needed for the development of the forests. To achieve this task, the forum will consider the recommendations made by expert groups on mechanisms concerning finance, technology transfer and trade rules related to environment.

The World Health Organisation ( who) has directed its member states to analyse the effect of genetically modified foodstuff. According to a who bulletin, clear basis for food safety assessment is generally lacking in the policies of numerous countries. who has also drawn attention towards changing animal care practices. It has stated that changes in the production process of ruminant bone and meat meal, used as a feed supplement for cattle, might have led to the emergence of mad cow disease. Food-borne diseases are widespread. They are becoming a growing public health concern, both in developed and developing countries, who stated.

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