Supreme Court judgment on Aravalli hill of Haryana as on 19 April, 2002

The respondent No.7, who is admittedly a leader of national stature, a reputed Member of Parliament for years and a former Prime Minister of the country is accused of usurping about 600 acres of land in Village Bhondsi of the State of Haryana by manipulations and resort to exercise of his political influence. Moved by an article "Lord of the Land" published in India Today of 18th January, 1999, the petitioner approached this Court by filing a writ petition in public interest, praying this Court to take cognizance of the matter and issue appropriate directions against the aforesaid respondent commanding him to vacate the land allegedly grabbed by him by handing over its possession to the Gram Panchayat of Bhondsi. It has been further prayed that as the respondent has committed cognizable offences, a direction be issued for commencement of the proceedings against the Trust of which he is the Chairman. It is submitted that the conferment of largesse upon the aforesaid respondent is against the provisions of the Punjab Village Common Lands (Regulations) Act, 1961, the Rules made thereunder, Indian Forest Act and the Forest Conservation Act, 1980.