Sub committee`s report to frame water policy for industries

"bottled water and soft drinks industry should be charged higher water-cess'. This was among a series of recommendations issued by a sub committee to frame a water policy for industries. The sub committee was formed by the groundwater recharge council.

The sub-committee stresses on the importance of locating industries based on their consumption capacity and water availability. The report has also recommended that rainwater harvesting be made mandatory within the catchment, upstream of industries, in addition to within factory premises. On water cess, the report also recommends that cess should be collected based on water use.

Other recommendations include ban on injection of treated wastewater into the ground, water audit for industries and incentives for those practising recycling. Criticising the uniform groundwater regulation policy, which is not eco-region specific, the report says regulations should become more stringent in regions with low rainfall compared to those with high rainfall. It is, however, silent on groundwater impact assessment involving the public.

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