The debate continues

  • 14/08/1999

More and more people are taking sides. Some are for genetically modified organisms and some are against them. Eminent people and organisations, Prince Charles of England, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (fao) of the United Nations, the Church have all advised restraint. Altered food may be good they say, but we must watch and wait. The fao is of the view that altered food should only be considered as a possible answer to the problem of food security if all other options have been found wanting.

Therefore it is not surprising that resistance to altered food is mounting in Europe. The us is keen to push modified food. It has a major biotech industry to think about. Therefore this attitude is not surprising. The war over altered foods, with the us on one side and Europe on the other threatens to eventually dwarf the banana wars that broke out between the old and new world. However, what is surprising is that people in the us , who have never had a scare like the

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