Toxic fish

high levels of the cancer-causing dioxin have been found in European seafood. A new report of the European Union (eu) says that fish oil and fish meal have maximum level of dioxins and other toxins. The levels of contamination of seafood from the European regions are eight times higher than similar products from non-industrial regions, such as the waters off Peru and Chile.

The levels of dioxins were more in carnivorous fish, like salmon, eel and trout, than in herbivores, the report said. The study was undertaken after fish used for animal feed was found to contain dioxins. "Consumers must be made aware that fish contribute significantly to dioxins intake. If one has fish everyday, the likelihood of health problems increases,' said Johan Reyniers, spokesperson for eu.

The officials believe that this report will induce the eu members to take measures for reducing pollutants. The warning about fish contamination comes at a time when the entire European community is suffering a severe setback due to the spread of the mad cow disease.

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