A bibliographical review for identifying research gap areas: Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur

Keoladeo National Park (KNP) is a 29 km2 area situated on the extreme western edge of the Gangetic basin that was once confluence of Rivers Gambhir and Banganga in Bharatpur district in the State of Rajasthan. KNP has a unique mosaic of habitats that include wetlands, woodlands, scrub forests, grasslands that supports an amazing diversity of both plant and animal species. KNP had been the only wintering ground for the central population of the endangered Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus). It has a long and unique history as it was once part of erstwhile state of Bharatpur and had been managed as a duck shooting reserve. Due to its rich avian biodiversity value, the Park has been declared as both a Ramsar site as well as a World Heritage site. Published research literature available upto June 2009 had been reviewed in this document to identify the gap areas in the research activities in Keoladeo National Park.