State of environment report India 2009

State of environment report India 2009 This latest report on State of India's environment provides an insight on the state and trends of the environment with focus on Climate Change, Food Security, Water Security, Energy Security and Urbanization. Assesses initiatives to monitor further degradation of environment & also suggests policy options.
In the global context of State of the Environment (SoE)Reporting, India is probably unique. Over the last two decades, the Indian SoE reporting experience has ranged from grassroots initiatives like wall posters and citizens reports to media and academic documents and more formal government documents. While the quality of these outputs have been mixed, some of the processes adopted and products developed have been pioneering. Consequently, they have contributed to support policy and decision-making within the country and also for reporting to the global system. The report provides an insight on various priority issues for India related to the current status of environment and natural resources, the pressures behind environmental changes and the impacts associated with these changes. The report also assesses the Government's current and proposed policy initiatives or programmes as a response to check and monitor further degradation of environment and also suggests policy options.

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