Bio-degradable plastics: impact on environment

The biodegradable polymers could be an alternative to the conventional plastic materials. These polymers being biodegradable can be disposed in safe and ecologically sound manner, through disposal processes (waste management) like composting, soil application, and biological wastewater treatment. Considering the necessity to assess the degradation pattern of these polymers, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) sponsored a study to Central Institute of Plastics and Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Chennai for identification and evaluation of performance of biodegradable polymers in India with reference to its biodegradability under laboratory scale composting conditions as per ASTM D-6400 and IS/ISO 17088:2008. In this document, effort has been made to compile the status of availability of biodegradable polymer materials as well as testing methods for establishing biodegradability of plastics films/products and its impact on environment.

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